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Based on 82 customer reviews from our shopper community, Auto-Tune's overall rating is 2.26 out of 5 stars and 46% of reviewers recommend this brand, which indicates that this brand is not as good as expected by most customers.


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April 23, 2023
"Bad customer support"
Their products are good, when they work. I have owned EFX+ for 2.5 years now, and about 6 months ago, an update produced a fatal error on MacOS. Their customer support team failed to rectify the issue, and eventually stopped responding to me. Now I am unable to use it on MacOS, and I'm left feeling like a sucker for ever giving this company my money.
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April 12, 2023
"Don't download a demo - you'll have to pay"
Downloaded a demo. It refused to work. I cancelled it, or so I thought and then was suddenly charged £26 for a month of Auto-Tune Unlimited. Despite me having screen shots showing I'd deactivated my account, Antares say they have "no record of it" and refuse to refund me. Scamsters.
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April 05, 2023
"I had a terrible experience with them"
I had a terrible experience with them – they make it super complicated to cancel the subscription. I didn't even want the subcription, I wanted to buy one of their products! But the website is so manipulative. I've never seen worse customer service.
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March 22, 2023
"Horrible company"
Horrible company. Do not support them. They zero out all parameters on their plugins when their Antares Central application doesn't recognize the license. Yet, Antares Central will randomly not recognize your license and say they're expired even though it shows they're activated and you've been billed for it. What does this mean? Any session you're working in (or have been working in) will reset and you will ultimately have an entirely different mix because any Antares plugin instance will be at its default settings. This causes an insane amount of work to be redone as well as potentially never being able to lock in a mix you and your clients have learned to know and love. This means no going back into previous finalized mixes for edits, changes, revisions, performance versions, etc. without spending hours of work trying to recreate what was already done. The chances of being able to get every parameter in every plugin to be what it was originally is highly unlikely.

This also means if you're working with a client (who is paying for your time and services) and you spend 6 or more hours getting mixes done, this may happen to you at the every end of completion. Now, all of the time you spent along with the work that you did, is gone (this happened to me). Try explaining that to your client, especially when they were excited about the mix and grew an attachment to it.

To make it worse, if you reach out to customer service explaining this, you don't get any empathy or acknowledgment of the problem. You don't get any kind of compensation. You don't even get a name of who is responding to you, just "Antares Support". In fact, the only response is them telling you to run their license cleaner, something that only further deletes your licenses and resets the parameters again (the very problem to begin with). Unbelievable.

They're unethical and greedy and I highly recommend any involvement with their company or their products at all costs.
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March 16, 2023
"Avoid at any cost."
Avoid at any cost.
You will never get any refund payment.
This company should be investigated.
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March 14, 2023
"What a scam."
What a scam.
They will NOT refund you when you cant unsubscribe from the license, even if you havent used their system for weeks
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March 12, 2023
"Licensing system is a mess"
Licensing system is a mess. Customer support is inexistent. This company is just a monopoly that stays afloat of brand recognition. Screw these guys.
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March 09, 2023
"As you can see from their customer…"
As you can see from their customer reviews, even the most favourable one describes their service as bad.

After taking out a trial on one of their products I was charged immediately for a full months subscription and when this was noticed I contacted them to cancel the payment and they refused to cancel the subscription. I had to resort to my card payment company just to get the subscription cancelled.

A very unpleasant company to deal with and I would warm others NOT to give them any card or bank payment details, even though their site states at the time of taking out a trial that 'No payment will be taken at this time'. This is just a trick to get your payment details on file which then allows them to pretty much charge what they like, when they like.

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March 03, 2023
"They charge you, for no product"
Even when you pause the subscription, they still charge you money. And be aware when you have a subscription that they don't force you to pay double. This happened to me aswell. Now my account is gone, but not before they still charged me for a month I paused, now deleted. I basicly paid for air.
Please don't get this.
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February 24, 2023
"Don't let them tell you you can't get a refund, because you CAN!"
As other have already stated, this company uses tricky tactics to get you to buy into a subscription offering free plugins for a trial. But if you accidentally click the wrong button (which is fairly easy to do on their confusing website) they will not let you cancel the order. After pleading for a refund, they still firmly denied it stating their "policy" on the website says no refunds. Well, just because you say so on your website doesn't make it true. Don't let their indifference deter you. As consumers, there are laws that protect us, especially if you are living in the EU, you are guaranteed a 14-day money back on ANY online purchase. I filed a claim with my credit card company and they reviewed the case within 5 minutes and decided in my favor. If this company has also scammed you out of money with their decepting business practices, just take it up with your bank or credit card company. They will sort it out for you.
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February 21, 2023
"Useless company this"
These guys take a proper mick, they take their money monthly on the clock but you have to talk to customer support every month to reactivate your licence. if trust pilot had an option for a negative star rating these guys are on the crap list definitely
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January 31, 2023
"They took advantiege for my card and…"
They took advantiege for my card and charge me for everything i cant make arefund
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December 22, 2022
"Antares took credit card info in…"
Antares took credit card info in exchange for the auto tune unlimited trial and proceeded to charge my account without providing an order confirmation, receipt, or providing the software.
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December 08, 2022
"worst customer support ever"
worst customer support ever. They randomly just close your Tickets, licenses dissapear every month and we still pay for this because its the standard sound everybody wants and needs these days. Just dissapointing their license system is been managed that badly. Great sounding products - actually.
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November 09, 2022
"Shameless B*stards"
I agree with what everyone else is saying. These guys are shameless b*stards.

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